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Patient displays ONE of the following


Patient responds poorly to medical treatment or the patient chooses not to pursue medical treatment.




Patient has coronary artery disease with angina pectoris at rest and is resistant to standard nitrate therapy. The patient is also not a candidate for invasive revascularization procedures or has declined them.




Patient has congestive heart failure with NYHA Class IV symptoms and...


  • Presence of significant symptoms of recurrent CHF and/or angina at rest
  • Inability to carry out minimal physical activity without dyspnea or angina


Documentation to Support Eligibility (if available)


  • Echo with an ejection fraction of 20% or less
  • Symptomatic dysrhythmias that are resistant to treatment
  • Unexplained or cardiac related syncope
  • CVA secondary to cardiac embolism
  • History of cardiac arrest or resuscitation
  • Concomitant HIV disease


New York Heart Association Functional Classification


I. Cardiac disease without limitation of physical activity. Ordinary activity does not cause fatigue, dyspnea or chest pain.


II. Cardiac disease with slight limitation of physical activity. They are comfortable at rest, but exertion may cause dyspnea, fatigue, and chest pain.


III. Cardiac disease with severe limitations in physical activity. They are comfortable at rest, but less than ordinary physical activity causes fatigue, palpitations, dyspnea, or chest pain.


IV. Cardiac disease with the inability to carry on any physical activity without discomfort. Symptoms of heart failure or anginal syndrome may be present even at rest. Discomfort is increased with any physical activity.


With all hospice diagnoses and criteria, the absence of one or more of the disease criteria does not preclude admission to hospice. Rapid decline or co-morbidities may also support eligibility for hospice care. Let Homestead Hospice help you determine your patient’s needs.




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