Final Arrangements

Each culture, religion and spiritual group has its own specific funeral rites and practices that prescribe how to remember or honor the deceased. Homestead honors the culture and spiritual rites of each patient we serve and will support a loved one’s final wishes and provide emotional support for the family during this difficult time.

  • Funerals and Memorials
    • Identify funeral/cultural traditions
    • Contact specific clergy for family counseling and assistance

  • Burials, Cremation and Cemetery
    • Identify funeral preference
    • Assist and explore the options for the final resting place of a loved one's ashes
    • Discuss remains scattered at a meaningful location

  • Financial Assistance may be available through local counties and veteran benefits, which could include burial in national cemetery, headstones or markers, a burial flag and burial allowances.

Here is a list of links to Homestead’s Resource and Education page where you will find additional information on the subjects listed in this section

Call Homestead Hospice Social Service Hot Line (678-507-3817) and we can talk about your needs, and your next steps to receive care, comfort and peace of mind for your loved and family.