Five-Point Tribute to Veterans

  1. Pinning Ceremony

    A volunteer veteran pins a veteran in hospice for their service with a lapel pin that reads, "We thank you for your service."

  2. Certificate of Service

    A Homestead volunteer presents a certificate that notes the hospice veteran’s name, rank and branch of service. The certificate is matted and framed and signed by staff to show appreciation of the service given to our country.

  3. Quilts of Valor

    Through a partnership with Quilts of Valor Foundation a Homestead volunteer presents a quilt to combat veterans as an additional measure of comfort. The Quilts of Valor provides the veterans with a three-part message: honor, appreciation, and comfort. It thanks them for their service and the willingness to leave all that they hold dear to stand in harm’s way.

  4. Honor Flight

    Veterans are provided an amazing opportunity to board a chartered jet to Washington, D.C., for a day of touring war memorials and to visiting Arlington National Cemetery to watch the changing of the guards.

  5. The Final Salute

    When a Homestead veteran dies, a patriotic quilt is draped over the hearse before they are transported away. Everyone in attendance does a final salute or will place a hand over their heart to show appreciation for the service given.

Call Homestead Hospice to learn more about our We Honor Veterans program or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.