Homestead Care Team

Homestead Care Team

An interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals providing companionate end-of-life care to for loved one and their family. To provide for the wide continuum of patient needs the Homestead team includes more than 100 hospice specialists including:

Attending Physician – is specified by the patient or family to oversee the patient's care. Care is managed by the patient’s physician working in collaboration with the Homestead interdisciplinary team.

Medical Director – is employed by Homestead Hospice and specializes in end-of-life care. The Medical Director runs the interdisciplinary team and oversees the plan of care with the Attending Physician including face-to-face and recertification visits and symptom management.

RN and LPN (Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse) – specially trained nurses who can provide 24/7 care. The RN assigned as the Case Manager will continually assess the patient’s condition and report to the Medical Director and Attending Physician.

Nurse’s Aide – (also known as CNA) offers much needed relief for the family and caregiver providing personal care and assistance with everyday activities to the patient. A CNA reports directly to the Case manager.

Social Worker – provides emotional support, counseling and education to patients and families. They also assist with proactive end-of-life decisions, life reviews, patient wishes and local resources.

Chaplain – offers spiritual support and counseling for all faiths. They collaborate with the patient’s spiritual leader to ensure all wishes are respected and religious affiliations are honored.

Volunteers – assists with support from companionship to book reading to running errands. Homestead has a multitude of volunteer programs from honoring veterans by fellow veterans to nurturing arts.

Therapists – physical, occupational, nutritional and speech therapists are provided where the patient resides as needed per their care plan.

Pharmacist supports the team in providing the medications ordered to control pain symptoms.

Caregiver – is possibly the most important part of the patient’s care team. He/she is designated by the patient as the person to provide physical and emotional care. Homestead team of professionals will guide and support the caregiver(s) so that the responsibilities do not become overwhelming.